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Awakening in the New Year

I would have said that New Year’s Day is really just another day on the calendar.  An arbitrary delineation that gives us a moment of pause, an opportunity to reflect on the past and the future.  Then WHY did I awaken today feeling such a monumental shift in my energy and focus?

I admit I’ve been in quite a funk these past few weeks since the presidential election. I could sum up my emotions as equal parts fury and despair. It has actually felt physical!  My heart hollow, my spirit short-circuited, my body exhausted.  Have you felt it too? Or perhaps I’m been suffering a malaise induced by my escapes to the catatonia-land of my smart phone and ipad?

Today, though, I am awake and I wonder why. Is it the phase of the moon (a tiny sliver of hope) in the night sky? Was it last evening’s playful camaraderie of new and old friends snapping me out of it?  Have I been in a resting state in preparation for something new?

Today I see symbols in everything around me, like the clean light layer of snow that fell in the night.  My daily readings are relevant and powerful, like Richard Rohr’s meditation, “Create in me a new heart, O God.”  I am inspired by growth opportunities landing in my inbox, like Stephen Dinan’s belief that we are all part of a new Renaissance and his call to the million participants of The Shift Network to reset our vision of the future.

I am answering the call.  My “work” (my joy and my blessing) is the Enneagram.  This treasured system gives us the tools for personal transformation, a natural outcome of each person’s willingness to awaken to truth.

These are troubled times and there is much to agonize about.  We don’t have to be  Head Types for our minds to get the best of us when we’re repeatedly exposed to negativity or, dare I say, reality. As Bruce Springsteen lamented in Thunder Road, “You can hide ‘neath your covers and study your pain…” Or not.

Today, feeling in to this new year, I sense that a new level is not just possible, but beckoning.  We, together, have a way to heal our world. We have the tools. Our Enneagram types show how wounded each of us is.  We know that we inflict pain on others and on ourselves, and we know the way through it.  With the help of others on the journey, we “do our work.”

My desire, my hope, my intention is that we transmit those healed parts of ourselves up and out into the world.  That we speak of who we are and live what we know is possible.

Happy New Year dear hearts!


Kathleen Paterno ~ Enneagram Discovery

~ Kathleen