The Enneagram of Personality is a system that begins by describing nine distinct but interrelated personality types that portray nine different perspectives or “ways of seeing.”  You will discover that you have behaviors and views similar to all types, but one of these is your home base.  This is where your life issues and your true gifts manifest.

Primarily a tool for self-understanding and personal growth, a study of the Enneagram system invariably gives us a greater compassion and appreciation for others.  See more about the Enneagram here.

I hope you will consider taking advantage of the many services offered by Enneagram Discovery.  Your personal path to wholeness and positive change can move ahead quickly through a variety of workshops, study groups, retreats, coaching and/or private consultations.

Those who embark on this spiritual journey are those who desire greater awareness and are open to self-truth.  It is a journey for the curious – and for the courageous!

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