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Practicing Presence retreat

Have you ever done a Retreat using Zoom? I know it sounds impossible and inadequate, but you may discover that this is the perfect way to bring some reflection and peace into your life without having to leave home or spend a fortune.  
Realizing the beauty of this, I’ve been feeling the call to offer my Practicing Presence Retreat in a format that allows us to meet and enter into a safe space where we can learn the Enneagram as it was meant to be transmitted. I’ve offered this Retreat at Breitenbush for eight years and it is now coming to your home! 
Watch this space for details about my online version.
"Kathleen masterfully led our Breitenbush group through different processes including
exploring our Enneagram personality types. I found it to be a very
transformational, healing and relaxing 3 days." SH

A Visioning retreat for each new year

This relaxed half day retreat gives us time to reflect and time to dream into the New Year. It’s natural to feel powerful and energized with a fresh start. It is also natural to experience uncertainty or even grief.

With the guidance of the Enneagram, this Retreat will be a time to process our hopes and dreams and guide us into the new year with kindness and intention. You will be supported with handouts, exercises and interludes for generous reflection.

Watch for the next retreat to be announced sometime in December.

"What a great intimate, vulnerable group with thanks to our facilitator, teacher, leader. Kathleen keeps coming up with new gentle ways to get us deeper, more aware, more conscious. So happy to be on this journey." ED

Customized Retreats


Enneagram Discovery offers customized Retreats for private groups upon request.  Would you like to offer a day or weekend to your circle of friends, your organization’s volunteers, or to your hard-working staff?  This is a wonderful “gift” that participants find worthwhile. Retreats offer time out of your regular routine – time to reflect and experience being in the body, the mind and the heart.  You will access the deeper truth of who you truly are.

Kathleen Paterno ~ Enneagram Discovery

~ Kathleen