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The Individualist - Type Four

The Individualists are also commonly called “the Tragic Romantics” or the “Dramatists.”  They are the type most anchored in the Feeling Triad or Heart Center.  This attunement to feelings can make some Fours quite sensitive and intuitive. They tend to use their feelings to give life meaning and depth.  Otherwise, what’s it all for?

Fours care a great deal about beauty and aesthetics and are drawn to the creative world.  They aren’t always creative themselves but they do make space in their lives for art, poetry, music, etc.  All of these are revealing and reflective of human nature.

The Individualists see themselves as different from “ordinary people” who seem to glide through life on the surface.  They can appear to others as superior in some ways, when in actuality, Fours feel inferior.  They long for a life that is more meaningful and fulfilling yet resist the ordinariness that feels suffocating.  The Passion for Type Four is Envy.

The Individualist’s Social Role – how they appear in the world – is that of “The Unique One.”  The search for “who I truly am” is the journey of life.

Each personality type has a Wing on either side.  Through self-observation, you can begin to notice which of your Wings is dominant.  Your dominant Wing influences the flavor and energy of your Type.  The Individualist will be influenced by Type Three, the Achiever, or by Type Five, the Investigator.  Some people report being affected equally by both Wings and some people report not being affected by either.  Both of these cases are rare.  We do, however, find that a person’s Wing can shift at different times in life.

Our personality, no matter the type, does not remain static.  Our patterns of behavior do change, somewhat dramatically, when we are in growth or under stress.

Under Stress, which can be caused by being misunderstood or not fitting the mold that others demand, Fours will “move” to average Type Two, the Helper, and find themselves merging with someone that can provide the appreciation and depth they desire.

In Growth, Fours “move” in a different direction, toward a high functioning Type One, the Reformer.  They get organized, effective and productive, and maybe even a little nitpicky.

There is much more to know about Individualists.  I hope you will continue to explore…