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The Achiever - Type Three

The Achievers both attract us and scare us a little.  They go through life confidently and with style!  How can they make success look so easy?  They do work hard. But, they actually love working more than they love relaxing or playing.  Work gives them a way to shine. 

In the center of the Heart Triad, they find accessing their feelings to be an unnecessary distraction.  They are fairly intuitive, however, about your feelings insofar as they can help the Achiever get your number.  They can “relate!”  They know how to put you at ease and how to inspire you to greatness.  They are chameleons and they are models. 

The Achiever has a well-defined and fairly obvious ego, probably more than any other type.  As they identify more and more to the image that wins, they become more and more removed from their own True Nature.  The Passion of Type Three is Vanity.  Through self-awareness and Presence, a Three is able to catch herself in the act and course correct.

The Achiever’s Social Role – how they appear in the world – is that of “The Best.” They thrive on competition and the climb to the top.

Each personality type has a Wing on either side.  Through self-observation, you can begin to notice which of your Wings is dominant.  Your dominant Wing influences the flavor and energy of your Type.  The Achiever will be influenced by Type Two, the Helper, or by Type Four, the Individualist.  Some people report being affected equally by both Wings and some people report not being affected by either.  Both of these cases are rare.  We do, however, find that a person’s Wing can shift at different times in life.

Our personality, no matter the type, does not remain static.  Our patterns of behavior do change, somewhat dramatically, when we are in growth or under stress.  

Under Stress, which is often caused by a sense of failure or being unmasked in some way,  Threes will “move” to average Type Nine, the Peacemaker, where they can be overcome with apathy and a desire to give in or give up.  The wind goes out of their sails.

In Growth, Threes “move” in a different direction, toward a high functioning Type Six, the Loyalist.  They become a true team player wanting the best for everyone.  Their hard working nature is put into service for the greater good.

There is much more to know about Achievers.  I hope you will continue to explore…