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I’ve been creating!
And now I’m finally ready to share my updated Enneagram Discovery website.
Pour yourself a nice cuppa and settle in for a few minutes of exploration. You’ll find the site to be even more content rich. Several pages are enhanced and some are brand new.

You’ll find, of course, descriptions of the nine personalities to give you a flavor of the different styles of Sensing, Feeling and Thinking.  And an enticing overview page for several of the fascinating “concepts” that help us to discover deeper ways of seeing. I recommend starting with the Passions page and reflecting on what’s true for you.

If you’re intrigued and wonder how you might learn more, please look at Ways to Discover so you can begin or continue to apply the wisdom of the Enneagram in your life.

I’ve also created a new page devoted to Resources where you can find trustworthy books, podcasts and videos.

Another page, still in process, will provide type-related tips and tools for healing and breaking through the structure of the personality. Stay tuned for that!

AND, starting right now, I’ve found a way to communicate with you that feels casual and easy. I’m feeling inspired about putting thoughts to paper and sharing those with you…

“Thoughts Today” (formerly known as My Blog) will share some ponderings (Enneagram and otherwise) for you to read if and when you wish. It will also be used to announce programs, events and occasionally, cancellations. To get a taste of this, you can see some past titles on a variety of topics at Thoughts Today.

I love being connected with you!


Kathleen Paterno ~ Enneagram Discovery

~ Kathleen