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Where do I get stuck?  What behavior would I like to change. 

It’s pretty hard to change anything if it is happening on an unconscious level.

Each personality Type has a particular “world view” or “lens” through which everything is filtered.  We act out behaviors based on our view of how we think the world works or should work.

World Views:

One:  What can I fix?  You?  It?

Two: Service.  What can I do for you?

Three:  Excellence.  Will I excel at this?  Is it worth my attention?

Four:  Depth and Meaning.  What’s real and important?

Five:  Understanding.  What can be understood? 

Six:  Security. Covering all the bases.

Seven:  Pleasure.  How can I be gratified or distracted? 

Eight:  Power.  Do I/you have what it takes?

Nine:  How can I stay calm?  At peace?

When I am unconscious about this view, my Fixation develops:


One:  If I see the world in light of what needs to be fixed, I start judging everything.

Two:  If I see the world in light of being needed, I start looking to others to be seen.

Three:  If I see the world in light of how I can excel, I become what will impress you.

Four:  If I see the world in light of its “realness” of meaning, I become melancholy and sad.

Five: If I see the world in light of understanding things, I withhold myself from actually living it.

Six:  If I see the world in light of security, I become filled with doubt and worry.

Seven:  If I see the world in light of gratification, I live my life anticipating the next thing.

Eight:  If I see the world in light of strength vs. weakness, I start objectifying people and things.

Nine:  If I see the world in light of being at peace, I learn to shut down, becoming indifferent.


These behaviors are a game that we can’t win!  A rabbit hole we don’t want to go down – again!

When we’re stuck in our Fixation, it feels like there’s no way out.

We pay attention to the Passion! This emotional reaction is our barometer that we have fallen asleep.  We are no longer consciously acting and making choices.  It is all automatic habit.

Our Passion is a huge alarm!  AND it is our Teacher!

If we can notice our Passion (without judgment or condemnation), it awakens us.  Perspective is created.  Our Virtue arises.