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The Virtues are essential qualities of the heart experienced by human beings when they are abiding in Essence. We cannot “work at” our Virtues.  They will not and do not manifest through our own efforts.  If we are working hard at being virtuous, we end up creating another false self.  

Our Virtue arises when we are PRESENT.  Presence is "awakeness.”  In this moment of Presence, we have a clarity, a realness that allows our best and truest self to come forward.


We don’t create an attachment to what we are doing, feeling or thinking, nor do we judge it or try to push against it.   We are catching ourselves in our behaviors or our reactions and saying, “ah ha!”  In this moment of awareness we have an opportunity to breathe and relax. We notice our Passion in action and through Presence, this emotional reaction begins to soften and dissipate.  In its place we experience our Virtue.  We are no longer on cruise control, following our lifelong patterns.

For example, The Helper (Type Two) may become aware that she is being overly helpful or intrusive. The Passion of Pride can be observed. “I want to be important to you as the one who you will appreciate or depend on.” When this awareness happens, she can let go of any judgment about her actions and desires and instead breathe and relax into it. A gentle humility arises and she realizes that she is loved for herself, not for how helpful she is.