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The Loyalist - Type Six

Type Six seems to be the last type people identify with, and yet this is the type many people eventually come around to.  It can be difficult to get a fix on because one big thing they are known for is their contrasts.  They can be bold and timid, helpful and withdrawn, supporters and provokers, thinkers and doers, believers and doubters…

Self-doubt underlies their world view.  They are probably the most prepared of anyone, but never feel prepared enough.  Proponents of Murphy’s Law, they live with the unconscious belief that something will go wrong.   In the Center of the Thinking Triad, Loyalists do not trust their own thinking – yet, when a crisis materializes, they respond with courage. 

If you have a friend or partner who is a Six, you can rest in the knowledge that they will always be there for you.  They are loyal and responsible people who see their Role in the world as the “Dependable One.”  Other names for Sixes are the Skeptics and the Questioners. 

The Passion of Type Six is Anxiety or Angst, a permeating sense that they have not covered all the bases.

Each personality type has a Wing on either side.  Through self-observation, you can begin to notice which of your Wings is dominant.  Your dominant Wing influences the flavor and energy of your Type.  The Loyalist will be influenced by Type Five, the Investigator, or by Type Seven, the Enthusiast.  Some people report being affected equally by both Wings and some people report not being affected by either.  Both of these cases are rare.  We do, however, find that a person’s Wing can shift at different times in life.

Our personality, no matter the type, does not remain static.  Our patterns of behavior do change, somewhat dramatically, when we are in growth or under stress. 

Under Stress, which can be caused by the pressure of the outside world or intrusions on their time, Sixes will “move” to average Type Three, the Achiever, and become concerned about what others think of them.  They can start to put goals ahead of people.

In Growth, Sixes “move” in a different direction, toward a high functioning Type Nine, the Peacemaker.  Their anxiety relaxes and they can enjoy a sense that all is as it should be.

There is much more to know about Loyalists.  I hope you will continue to explore…