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The Investigator - Type Five

Other names for Type Five are the Observers and Thinkers.  You can almost feel the energy of Five, wanting to step back and away and wanting to understand the big picture.  Knowledge is important to the Investigators who are quite contented to be solitary in their pursuits.  

This type is most strongly seated in the Thinking Triad or Head Center of the Enneagram.  Intimacy with a Type Five most probably occurs when there is a meeting of the minds.  The world of feelings and the world of action can be necessary parts of life but are never as captivating as what the imagination is capable of. 

When Fives discover a topic that piques their interest, they will immediately want to know more.  Building their body of knowledge becomes satisfying and limitless. 

The Passion of Type Five is Avarice which can be translated to greed, but then misses the mark.  Avarice, for Type Five appears more as a withholding of themselves from life.  They can be miserly with their affections and interactions.

The Investigator’s Social Role – how they appear in the world – is that of “The Expert.”  They live with a sense of inadequacy, thinking they don’t know enough, and so make it their mission in life to become knowledgeable.

Each personality type has a Wing on either side.  Through self-observation, you can begin to notice which of your Wings is dominant.  Your dominant Wing influences the flavor and energy of your Type.  The Investigator will be influenced by Type Four, the Individualist, or by Type Six, the Loyalist.  Some people report being affected equally by both Wings and some people report not being affected by either.  Both of these cases are rare.  We do, however, find that a person’s Wing can shift at different times in life.

Our personality, no matter the type, does not remain static.  Our patterns of behavior do change, somewhat dramatically, when we are in growth or under stress. 

Under Stress, which can be caused by the pressure of the outside world or intrusions on their time, Fives will “move” to average Type Seven, the Enthusiast, and become somewhat eccentric and scattered.

In Growth, Fives “move” in a different direction, toward a high functioning Type Eight, the Challenger.  They are ready to meet the world with energy and passion.

There is much more to know about Investigators.  I hope you will continue to explore…