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Special Programs

Let’s Talk Enneagram!

This monthly online series is temporarily discontinued.

Are you interested in furthering your knowledge of the Enneagram?
Do you have questions or observations that you’d like to talk about?
Would you like to stay focused in your own process? Are you curious??

Each monthly 1 1/2-hour facilitated conversation is devoted to whatever comes up! We dive into the moment together and discover something that moves each of us along on our journey toward greater awareness. These workshops are open to all.  No prior training expected.

  • When:    The first Thursday of each month
  • Time:     1:00-2:30
  • Where:   On-Line
  • Cost:      Free at this time
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“Loved this meetup–sufficiently structured to keep us a bit focused, but delightfully free-flowing as far as individual sharing. Kathleen managed to tie everything back to the Enneagram in a way that kept the group tone from getting too heavy, but was still deep. Can’t wait to meet again!”  RG

Soul Circles (formerly Inside Out, What are you Thinking)
Lately I’ve been questioning the notions I seem to have about everything! Soul Circles will bring some of our notions and thoughts up to the surface so we can examine what is true for each of us. Every month we’ll have a juicy topic to explore. I’m expecting a curious group of people who want to focus on the What, Why and How of what we Think, Feel and Act! Don’t be surprised if our topics bring us around to our Enneagram personality types. Almost everything does. As a sampling, some of our most recent topics were:
  • Making Excuses – Why they work and why they might not
  • Hybernating/Awakening – Notice the energy and the changes
  • Beliefs – Is it true?
  • The March of Time – Or is it a dance?
  • Aging – Why I don’t love it, or do I?
  • Discipline – Same as above – Haha!
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We meet online on the third Thursday each month from 1:00-2:30 (PT) 
After taking the summer off, we’re starting anew in October 2023.
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