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A Metaphorical Musing on Summer Solstice

Today, June 21st, the sun’s movement across the sky will screech to a halt and reverse direction. Well, maybe not screech exactly, and perhaps this reversal is seen only from our own earthly perspective.

No matter, the day has definitely got me thinking and meandering into the realm of perspective.

Is there something in my life that needs to stop? Is my own view limiting the possibility of seeing in a different way, maybe even reversing course? What if I could partner with the sun today and feel into my very own solstice moment?

Two completely unrelated things are coming into consciousness for me. Things that I expect (and hope) will change me in some profound way. Both of these things have been percolating for some time, inching their way, minute by minute and day by day, across my sky.

First. I am somehow willing now to see that my strong resistance to the discomfort of exercise combined with my highly developed procrastination skills are taking a toll on the ole body. Honestly, I had high hopes that aging was not inevitable. A wise person recently told me that “exercise isn’t easy for anybody!” Huh. I really thought all those people at the gym were having a blast except me. So, yes, I joined the local gym AND hired a personal trainer. I’ve made myself accountable by my monthly payments and to my trainer’s obsessiveness about my goals. (she can be very pushy) I’m moving in a new direction and it hurts, but it also feels good. If you know what I mean.

The second thing, totally unrelated, is my awareness of the wild beauty around me. Year round, my husband gives hours and hours to lovingly tending the landscape around our home. I had an a-ha moment this week when I saw how critical I have been. And why. I have “an English garden” mentality! Rows of flower beds with defined borders, a level lawn mowed to an even two inches, perhaps a fountain and a pond.

Inexplicably, I am instead appreciating the way nature asserts herself with volunteers of color, surprising and delighting us whenever and wherever they appear. The trees that were planted 30 years ago are providing shade and a home for insects and birds and all manner of growing things. Wildlife is welcome here and appears to be just as happy as we are. Letting go of my own rigidity feels easy and open and free.

Seeing with a new heart what is True gives me so much joy. It feels like the Sun offering rays of hope and bursts of inspiration.

May you bask in the Sun’s radiant reminders to live and love abundantly.


Kathleen Paterno ~ Enneagram Discovery

~ Kathleen