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A Conversation Starter about LOVE!

If we look at the Enneagram typology, we might notice certain characteristics or behaviors when love is in the air.

As a Peacemaker (Type Nine), I show love by walking in your shoes with you and by bringing ease and harmony to our conflicts. Of course, I don’t ALWAYS do this. And even when I do, it doesn’t necessarily have the outcome I expect.

For the Reformer (Type One), showing love can mean helping you to find a better way.

For the Helper (Type Two), Giving means loving!

For the Achiever (Type Three), showing up with positive energy can lift your spirits and help you feel loved.

The Individualist (Type Four) shows love by listening and understanding with true empathy.

The Investigator (Type Five) will dive to the depths with you to make discoveries and expand your imagination together.

For the Loyalist (Type Six), protecting you and carrying your burden are true gifts.

The Enthusiast (Type Seven) shares your dreams of adventures and a beautiful future together. 

The Challenger (Type Eight) will make your relationship vibrant, intense and alive.

These are all precious ways to love. But our “personality structure” often presents us with a very limited gift box. When we become more self-aware and less identified with that structure, our gifts of love come without strings. They become more surprising, more creative and more expansive. 

We can Be Love. 


Kathleen Paterno ~ Enneagram Discovery

~ Kathleen