Special Programs

Special Enneagram Programs that are open to the public will be announced on this page when scheduled.  Scroll down and check back frequently!

Enneagram Conversations Monthly Series at Dudley's  (Sept. through May)

Are you interested in furthering your knowledge of the Enneagram?
Do you have questions or observations that you'd like to talk about?

Would you like to stay focused in your own process?
Are you curious??

Each monthly 2-hour session is devoted to whatever comes up! We'll dive into the moment together and discover something that moves each of us along on our journey toward greater awareness.  These workshops are open to all.  No prior training expected.

When:    The first Thursday of each month (thru May 2017)
Time:     1-3:00 p.m.
Where:   Dudley's Bookshop Cafe, Minnesota St., Bend
Cost:      $10.00 per person per session – No pre-registration required.
We hope you will purchase a beverage or treat to support Dudley's community outreach!

"Loved this meetup–sufficiently structured to keep us a bit focused, but delightfully free-flowing as far as individual sharing. Kathy managed to tie everything back to the Enneagram in a way that kept the group tone from getting too heavy, but was still deep. Can't wait to meet again!"  Renge'


                            DISCOVERING THE POWER OF INSTINCT

                    Coming February 2017!8101169_ml

Using the nine Enneagram personality types, this 5-session Series reveals how we unconciously live under the control of our dominant Instinct. Is your personality dominated by a Social Instinct? A Sexual/Attraction Instinct? Or a Self Preservation Instinct? Each of these "subtypes" gives a very different spin on our personality and our motivations!


Working with the instinctual subtypes adds a dimension to our Enneagram work that can put us on the fast track to understanding ourselves and our relationship challenges.

This series is highly interactive, allowing for individual and group reflections, inquiry and sharing. Journaling and self observation are encouraged between sessions.

Open to anyone who has a basic understanding of the Enneagram. Knowing your Type is helpful but not necessary. If you would like a Typing Interview prior to the series, contact me.  Limited to 20 participants.

Week 1:  Instincts Overview / What Preoccupies You?
Week 2:  Nine Self-Preservation Subtypes / Being Open & Friendly
Week 3:  Nine Sexual/Attraction Subtypes / Being Fiery and Energetic
Week 4:  Nine Social Subtypes / Being Grounded and Stable
Week 5:  My Blind Spot / Relating to Others
Handouts provided – please bring a Journal and your own covered beverage if you wish


WHEN:  Wednesday aftenoons, February 1 – March 8 (except 3/1) from 1:00 – 3:30
WHERE:  Essential Light Institute, 339 SW Century Drive, Ste. 309
COST:  $185 per person FOR FULL SERIES (5 sessions) – LIMITED TO 20 PARTICIPANTS
          **Please note, this is not a drop in class.  Registration closes 1/28/2017**

                                       To Register, Contact Kathleen

You may pay now here:    



Listening to the Wisdom of the Heart
(The Enneagram and Grief)

Thursday, February 9th from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

Kathleen joins Good Grief Guidance, Central Oregon's grief resource, to present Listening to the Wisdom of the Heart.  We will explore the Nine Super Ego-Messages (what the "personality" strives for) and the true Virtues of the Heart.  Good will offering.  Location:  Higher Ground  RSVP to Kathleen.  



Who Am I?  An Introduction to the Enneagram 

This workshop is specially designed to introduce newcomers to the Enneagram in the best possible way – through questions, personal observations and group interactions. 

Coming February 11th – 9:30-3:30.  COCC Community Learning #18830  $89 per person.


Personalities Unveiled!
Wednesdays September-November 2016

Image 7-17-16 at 3.43 PM

~Workshop Series 2016 Ended~

Nine 2-hour workshops, one on each Enneagram Type. Open to new and seasoned Enneagram explorers.  Guests of the focus Type generously share their experience and views in a format that is enlightening and interactive. Inevitably we come to see what we have in common with one another, and discover the transformative power of compassion.


Cost is $25 per workshop payable at the door (RSVP appreciated). Once you attend three, your cost is reduced to $20 for all remaining workshops that you wish to attend.
OR, plan early to attend all nine, pay in advance and save! $175 full Registration

2016 dates:

The Belly (Instinct Types): The Challenger (Eight) – 9/7, The Peacemaker (Nine) – 9/14 and The Reformer (One) – 9/21   No workshop on 9/28.

The Heart (Feeling Types): The Helper (Two) – 10/5, The Achiever (Three) – 10/19, and The Individualist (Four) – 10/26   No workshop on 10/12.

The Head (Thinking Types): The Investigator (Five) – 11/2, The Loyalist (Six) – 11/9, and The Enthusiast (Seven) – 11/16All nine workshops are held from 1:30-3:30 p.m. at the Essential Light Institute on Century Drive in Bend.  Please RSVP to Kathleen.


Back to the Basics!  (Closed)

It can be a powerful moment when we discover that our "way of seeing" is actually a way of coping and is designed to support a very limited image of who we are.  Noticing and understanding our own personality's behaviors and patterns can open us to a deeper sense of Self and to a much larger world. 

In this 3-hour workshop we'll visit some basic themes of the Enneagram.  Whether you are fairly new to the Enneagram or have been consistently applying its wisdom in your life, an exploration of these basics can create a new and powerful awareness.


Wings and Arrows – how personality shifts and changes 
Avoidances, Traps & Passions – transforming compulsions

Some understanding of the Enneagram is a pre-requisite.  If you would like to arrange a private hour for a Typing/Overview Consultation, please contact Kathleen@EnneagramDiscovery.com

Monday, November 16, 2015 1:00-4:00 p.m.
The Center for Compassionate Living, 339 SW Century Drive, Ste. 203, Bend, Oregon
Cost is $40 per person



The Enneagram meets Soul Collage!  Emotions…a Pathway to Soul   (Registrations Closed)

SoulCollage.HighRes_logo2Our emotional energies can be overwhelming and often mystifying. In this full day workshop we will explore the core emotional pattern for each of the Nine Enneagram Types. Recognition of these human experiences and our response to them can lead to deeper learning and growth. Guided by Enneagram principles, meditation, and the creation of a simple collage, we will discover a window to the Soul.

For this special event, I am collaborating with the wonderful Lynne Lafey, a trained SoulCollage® Facilitator! Lynne is expert at bringing people to a place of reflection where the deeper aspects of our consciousness can surface in a way that is powerful and real.

October 3, 2015 9:30-4:30
Center for Compassionate Living in Bend
Cost $125 per person ($99 if paid by 9/15) – Scholarships available (please ask)
Maximum enrollment 12

Please bring a sack lunch.