Process Groups

My training with the Enneagram Institute, taught me the value of a solid base of knowledge as well as a personal understanding of the breadth and depth of this amazing system. It was clear to me that the academics were important, but consistent personal processing with others who understand is what we all want and need.

So we practice.  Together.  We talk about what it feels like when we’re being authentic and also “catching ourselves in the act” when we’re not. Participants in Process Groups enjoy learning together and being Present in a circle of support and trust.  All Groups are currently meeting on line.

Each facilitated group is customized to the participants’ level of Enneagram knowledge. We always filter our conversations through the Enneagram lens. These are not “therapy” sessions, but we always learn more about the inner and outer workings of ourselves and the others in our lives.

A group consists of 5-10 people who commit to a Series of four 2 hour sessions. At the end of a Series, each individual discerns whether he or she wants to commit to another Series. This gives everyone an opportunity to opt out or to take a break, and it gives an opportunity for new people to join an active group.

If you would like to start your own Process Group, you simply need a minimum of five people with a desire to do some deep inner work. A basic understanding of the Enneagram is helpful.

Contact Kathleen to talk about what is drawing you now.

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