There is something quite magical about the unfolding that happens when people commit to their “inner work” through self-observation, inquiry, journaling and sharing in a small group.  But not everyone has the time or luxury to be part of a consistent Enneagram Process Group. In that case there are lots of other options. 

The year 2020 began the shift to all on-line offerings. Until further notice all in-person public and customized presentations and retreats are on hold. However, there are always opportunities to connect on-line.  Process Groups continue to meet in addition to Special Programs that are available and/or in development.  Private Enneagram training can be arranged as well as personal Enneagram coaching.  Contact me to inquire.  To stay up to date about new and ongoing offerings subscribe to my newsletter.

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It is my hope that you will explore these pages to see how you can begin or continue your learning and application of the wisdom of the Enneagram.

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