Process Groups


Facilitating and working with Process Groups is the most fulfilling work I do. There is something quite magical about the unfolding that happens for people who commit with one another to their own on-going learning and personal growth.

The concept of providing a small group environment arose out of the simple question that people invariably ask in one form or another:  “I’ve found my type and
I see the patterns of my behavior defined with amazing clarity, but what do I do now?”  

Applying the Enneagram concepts to everyday life and the challenges that we inevitably face creates a slow and steady transformation of consciousness over time. 

“What a marvelous exploration I have had and am having, thanks to you and your patient unfoldings for us, thank you!”  JM

Here’s how it works:

Enneagram Process Groups form when 5-10 participants are serious about committing to "the work" of the Enneagram together. 

According to my teacher, Russ Hudson, there are three "pillars" to transformation. The first is a daily practice of awareness (meditation, yoga…), the second is waking up in daily life through self-observation, and the third is being part of a community that is "waking up together." Process groups provide that community!

Staying faithful to a small group of fellow seekers creates a bond of trust and support. Our focus is on increasing our awareness and presence. We will create and hold space for one another, a space where it is possible to practice being "real," knowing that our sharing will be held in confidentiality, compassion and wisdom. The core elements include an "inquiry question" (provided in advance), journaling, self-observation, meditation and sharing. Our Enneagram Types and our Essential Qualities will always be our reference points.

Note: Process Groups are meant to be organic — developing and evolving according to the needs and desires of the participants. Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome and appreciated!

If you need additional participants in the formation of a group or you are interested in joining with others to reach a minimum of five, contact me to coordinate.