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Awakening in 2017

I would have said that New Year’s Day is really just another day on the calendar.  An arbitrary delineation that gives us a moment of pause, an opportunity to reflect...
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A Conversation Starter about LOVE!

       If we look at the Enneagram typology, we might notice      certain characteristics or behaviors      when love is in the air.   As a Peacemaker (Type Nine),...
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A Pretty Big Question

As I was driving blissfully along the other day, I thought about one of my most puzzling questions and I realized it's a question that can be very tricky for...
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Plugging Personalities Unveiled!

I feel compelled to share the amazing workshops that have been happening at Dudley's Bookshop Cafe on Tuesday afternoons in Bend.  They continue to exceed my hopes and desires.  These...
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Transforming anything!

This week I was in the grocery checkout line distracting myself with the magazine and tabloid headlines.  Oprah's "O" caught my attention:  "Transform Your Life One Easy Tweak at a Time."...
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